Apeel Sciences

“Apeel extends the lifespan of the fruit substantially. As a grower, it's a no-brainer working with a product like that. Apeel can do it organically, it’s an amazing product.”

Keith Veselka, Grower for Sage Fruit Company


Partnering With Apeel

Apeel Benefits The Entire Supply Chain

Apeel extends the lifespan of organic apples by slowing the rate of water loss and maintaining firmness and color, bringing a new wave of benefits to growers, packers, distributors, and retailers. With the quality and shelf life extension of Apeel, organic apples can now be stored and sold year-round.


Growers & Packinghouses

  • Achieve greater operational efficiency: higher packouts, less repack and improved inventory management.
  • Drive sales growth with new selling opportunities.


  • Retain moisture and maintain weight to increase price per pound dollar sales.
  • Deliver superior product experience, driving brand preference and repeat customers.


  • Premium, quality and flavor.
  • Less at-home spoilage and money lost.

Available Now For Top Organic Varieties

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Seeing is Believing

Applied to the surface of an apple, the Apeel technology forms a thin “peel” of edible plant material. This peel keeps moisture in and oxygen out, maintaining flavor and quality for longer.


Because Apeel apples stay fresher for longer, they unlock significant environmental savings. For every 100 metric tons of Apeel Apples enjoyed, the technology has saved up 70,000 apples from being wasted and avoided 10 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.