Apeel Sciences

“We had complete success with the deliverables. . . We have a list of retailers that are interested.”

Emilio Teresa, CEO, Cata Fresh


Partnering with Apeel

Apeel Benefits the Entire Supply Chain

Our plant-derived, end-to-end solution allows up to 3x shelf life for organic and conventional limes, and nearly doubles the shelf life of conventional mandarins from Spain. Juiciness, flavor and quality is extended from farm to fork, bringing a wave of benefits and differentiation to growers, packers, distributors and retailers.


Growers & Packinghouses

  • Maintain pack out weight.
  • New post-harvest quality tool for organic growers.
  • Access to new and farther markets.
  • With mandarins, reduce reliance on several common postharvest fungicides and traditional waxes.


  • Improve inventory management.
  • Expand distribution radius, including export.
  • Improved appearance and firmness upon arrival.
  • Better color retention for limes – delayed onset of yellowing.


  • Reduce shrink and increase sales.
  • Superior product experience, driving consumer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Promote a more sustainable food system.


  • Longer-lasting juiciness and flavor.
  • More time to enjoy citrus at peak freshness.
  • Less at-home spoilage and money lost.

Seeing is Believing

Applied to the surface of citrus fruit, Apeel forms a thin “peel” of edible plant material which keeps moisture in and oxygen out, maintaining flavor and quality for longer.

Apeel can reduce shrink, enable supply chain efficiencies and environment savings. For every 100 metric tons of Apeel Limes enjoyed, the technology has saved up to 80,000 limes from being wasted and avoided 9.5 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.