Finally! Plastic-Free Cucumbers

Have you ever imagined a produce department without all that pesky plastic? Apeel is partnering with Houweling's to free one of the biggest plastic captives: cucumbers! Apeel’s plant-based edible “peel” extends the shelf life of Long English cucumbers eliminating the need for single use plastic wrap. While plastic-free cucumbers will become commercially available in early 2020, you can see them for yourself at PMA Fresh Summit.


Seeing is Believing


Experience Plastic-Free Cukes at PMA Fresh Summit

To experience Apeel + Houweling’s plastic-free cucumbers, stop by Apeel’s booth #4948 and Houweling’s booth #967. And learn more about Houweling’s commitment to sustainably grown greenhouse cucumbers at Houwelings.com or reach out to schedule a meeting with Houweling's at info@houwelings.com.

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