“I hear constantly about how our consumers want to reduce their own carbon footprint, and when we heard about Apeel and replacing plastic, we realized it was the ultimate solution for our Long English Cucumbers. 

Jaymee McInerney, Brand Manager at Houweling’s


Partnering With Apeel

Benefiting the entire supply chain



Be a leader by doing what’s right for the planet with a unique plastic-free opportunity that will drive customer demand, while ensuring quality cucumbers on arrival.



Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by maintaining freshness without plastic, achieving your corporate social-responsibility goals and driving loyalty among values-minded shoppers.



62% of cucumber buyers try to avoid single-use plastics.* Now, they can enjoy the premium cucumber freshness they’ve come to expect, while supporting a more sustainable food system.


Seeing Is Believing

Applied to the surface of a long english cucumber, the Apeel technology forms a thin “peel” of edible plant material. This peel keeps moisture in and oxygen out, maintaining flavor and quality for longer.

For every 500,000 cases shipped, Apeel Long English Cucumbers avoid the use of single-use plastic. The equivalent of eliminating 820,000 single-use plastic water bottles.


          * Apeel 2020 Survey of Long English Cucumber Buyers, 800 US Respondents