Apeel Sciences

Over the coming months, Apeel is expanding the ways in which we improve access to quality, reduce waste, and ensure an abundant future for the planet. New Apeel products will be joining Apeel avocados, limes and apples on store shelves - benefiting the entire supply chain.



Sourced from: Costa Rica
Apeel maintains pineapple color and firmness and helps the crown stay fresher for longer. By maintaining quality, Apeel helps reduce waste and grow sales.
More yellow pineapples, with better mouthfeel – a premium offering for retailers.


Sourced from: Peru, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Israel, Spain, Brazil
Apeel mangos have an extended shelf life, reducing shrink and extending the sales window.
Better quality, more environmentally friendly mangos offers a brand differentiation opportunity for retailers.


Sourced from: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Apeel significantly lengthens the shelf life of grapefruits.
Juiciness, flavor and quality is extended from farm to fork, bringing a wave of benefits and differentiation.

Unlock sustainability for your business

This year Apeel is on track to save 20 million pieces of fruit from going to waste at retail stores, while also extending shelf-life in the home where food waste rates are three times as high.