Benefits Of Working With Apeel


Less Shrink, Increased Margins

  • 2x longer shelf life for Apeel produce.
  • Sales boosts from increased in-store marketing.

Operational Efficiency

  • Maintain ready-to-eat fruit on display for longer.
  • Reduce store waste.
  • Sophisticated in-store campaigns drive discovery and purchase of Apeel produce.

Shopper Loyalty And Repeat Visits

  • Produce retain moisture and stays fresher, longer.
  • Deliver superior product experience, driving brand preference and repeat customers.

Explore Our Products

We have brought the Apeel technology to various types of fresh produce –with new product lines on the way.


Ensuring Retail Success With Apeel

To ensure a successful program launch, we align on three separate items:


Commercial approach

We discuss the selected Apeel products, suppliers, pricing models, and store locations.


Key success metrics

We determine our data-sharing plan and measurement strategy. Typically, we measure success though sales growth, store waste reduction and customer satisfaction. Our criteria are the Apeel quality holdback data and retail data.


Marketing and launch plan

We align on how we can win with shoppers. This means discussing labeling and co-branding, in-store activations, strategic communications, and staff education. Once all this is done, we get Apeel inventory on shelves.

Be A Leader In Sustainability With Apeel

By eliminating food waste on your shelves and at home, you are conserving natural resources and helping to fight climate change.