Benefits Of Working With Apeel


Manage risk and enable strategic decisions

  • Greater control over inventory management.
  • Gain access to new and farther markets.
  • Enable new modes of transportation.

Deliver a new standard for quality

  • Improve packout and reduce repack.
  • Ensure quality arrivals.
  • Differentiate your product in stores.

Data-backed sustainability

  • Measure program impact with in-house expertise in LCA and carbon accounting.
  • Offer a compelling sustainability proof point to customers.

Explore Our Products

We have brought the Apeel technology to various types of fresh produce –with new product lines on the way.


Working Together To Integrate With Supplier Infrastructure

Our five-step integration process:


Site Evaluation

Kick off with the integrations team.


Engineering Plan & Quoting Process

Collaborate with engineering team on installation plan.


Preparation for Integration

Equipment testing and compliance considerations.


Intallation, Commissioning & Qualification

Equipment arrival and staff training.


Go Live

Commercial treatment commences.

Be a Leader in Sustainability with Apeel

By putting more time on the side of fresh produce, you can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by eliminating the need for over packing, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing plastic packaging.