Building a more resilient food system by putting time on the side of fresh produce


Measure environmental improvements

Using Apeel’s expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA), quantify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy, and water in your supply chain.


Optimize distribution logistics

Minimize storage and transportation emissions with more flexibility in time to market (e.g. air to sea freight).


Redefine sustainability across the industry

Potential to reduce reliance on packaging and refrigeration.


Lower waste throughout the supply chain

Keep produce out of landfills and give consumers more time to enjoy it.

Long lasting fresh produce

Apeel is creating a more sustainable and resilient food system with longer-lasting fresh produce that can go the distance.


Be a leader in sustainability with Apeel

By eliminating food waste on your shelves and at home, you are conserving natural resources and helping to fight climate change. Fill out the form below to stay in the know on all things sustainability as we share updates, events, and resources.